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How are the Big Four firms different from MBB?

​MBB is the name given to the three largest strategy consulting firms globally, by revenue. It includes McKinsey, Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and Bain & Company. In the world of management consul...

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How are consulting firms maximising profits in 2023?

​Agility and resilience are two key themes that will prove crucial for consulting firms throughout the rest of 2023 and the following year. Despite seeing growth in 2022, the industry is up against...

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How has Brexit impacted consulting in Europe?

​Over three years have passed since the UK departed from the European Union (EU). Since then, a global pandemic has struck, followed by cost of living and energy crises. All of these have made it d...

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The current state of the healthcare consulting market

​A recent report from Exactitude Consultancy revealed the global healthcare consulting market to be experiencing steady growth, with an expected value of $62.42 billion (£50.48 billion) by the end ...

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The state of consulting in the Middle East

​In recent years, many countries in the Middle East have undergone rapid economic development. Today, sovereign wealth funds of several Gulf states are eyeing fresh opportunities on the back of pet...

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Hiring and retaining management consulting professionals

​Since the pandemic and subsequent lockdown, hiring in the management consulting industry has seen a sharp increase. This growth continues, albeit at a lesser rate, as firms seek to adapt to the ev...

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Management consulting and the growing demand for talent

​In 2021, the Management Consultancies Association (MCA) revealed an 18 per cent growth rate within the sector, with UK consultancies bringing in over £14 billion in revenue. Those figures are very...

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How will the AI revolution affect management consulting?

​Artificial intelligence, or AI, describes any machine or computer system that emulates human intelligence processes. For management consultants, it’s going to completely change the way we work, es...

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Socio-economic diversity remains low across UK boards

​KPMG published new research that revealed socio-economic diversity is not broadly considered during recruitment and planning, with figures remaining low across UK boards.Socio-economic background ...

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Deloitte announces 2023 tech, media and telecoms predictions

​Deloitte has predicted 2023 to give us £80 5G smartphones, ads across all streaming services and £820 billion to be spent on social media.The report suggests we’re likely to see every major video ...

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Two-thirds of British consumers plan to reduce Christmas spending

​According to recent research from Accenture, 66 per cent of adults in the UK will cut back on their Christmas spending this year as the cost of living crisis continues to affect people’s finances....

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Consumer satisfaction remains steady in the UK despite economic challenges

​Businesses have faced severe economic challenges over the last year, but new research from KPMG revealed that UK consumer satisfaction has held steady.The annual Customer Experience Excellence rep...

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Higher pay for FTSE 100 executives as companies shift focus to ESG challenges

​A recent analysis by PwC has revealed that executive pay levels at FTSE 100 firms have mostly returned to levels recorded before the pandemic.The FTSE 100 pay report is collated from 97 published ...

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UK law firms performing stronger than expected despite shortage of talent

​According to PwC’s Law Firm Survey, UK law firms have performed better than expected for profits in 2021/22, with the top 100 businesses averaging a 9 per cent rise in fee income.The top ten law f...

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UK jobs market turbulent as candidate shortages force higher pay rates

Recruitment activity is continuing to slow down towards the end of the third quarter, According to the latest KPMG and REC UK Report on Jobs survey, compiled by S&P Global.The report was compiled f...

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Long-term growth predicted for the UK entertainment and media industry over the next four years Sep 28

Data from PwC’s Global M&A Industry Trends revealed a 72 per cent increase in deal activity in the sector last year, compared to the previous year.Despite short-term uncertainty, entertainment and ...

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UK household survey reveals majority want support to deal with the energy crisis

The latest KPMG surveyshows that one in three households in the UK claimed soaring energy prices would have the most significant impact on their budget this winter.The survey, which included 3000 c...

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New Deloitte UK office reflects hybrid working model

Deloitte has opened its first UK office designed specifically in line with the company's new hybrid working model.The firm announced in June 2021 that it was giving its 20,000 UK employees the oppo...

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Accenture launches four sovereign cloud centres to help firms harness cloud innovation

Accenture has announced the opening of four new sovereign cloud data centres in Europe as part of an initiative to help organisations take advantage of cloud innovation and disruptive cloud technol...

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